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Reflections in the Parabolic Mirror

When I was researching religions for skyfisher, one of the most intriguing concepts I came across was in the Zen Buddhist koans, where they occasionally described how certain persons received enlightenment in one crystalline flash of ultimate realization, known as … Continue reading

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The Novel Will Never Die

I don’t know whether the “experts” foretelling the demise of the book sincerely believe what they’re saying, or merely enjoy the notoriety that comes from making bold and gloomy forecasts. What gets me is that they’re not just talking about … Continue reading

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The Horror! The Horror!

Last night little monsters were howling up and down my street, dressed in their Hallowe’en costumes (except for those kids who figured just having a swag bag was dress-up enough). Behind them were the walking dead — parents with haunted … Continue reading

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