Author Dan DowhalDan Dowhal, (pronounced “dowl”) writer and digital media producer, was born and raised in Toronto’s culturally feisty West Queen West district, but now makes his home in Dawson City, Yukon.

Endowed with a pathologically self-expressive nature, Dan’s precocious childhood included writing plays, performing on stage, drawing comics, and being paraded around public speaking competitions.

His writing deftly balances left-brain and right-brain attributes, partly explainable by his schooling as an engineer, work as a computer programmer, and then a later return to academia for a journalism degree from Ryerson University.

While at Ryerson, Dan’s penchant for writing metastasized, and he received the A.O. Tate Award for reporting, and was elected editor-in-chief of the student newspaper The Eyeopener.

Re-entering the working world, Dan Dowhal had a prolonged stint with IBM in their Toronto Software Lab as a writer, development manager, and research scientist.
Then, in the Nineties, Dan and his two brothers founded The Learning Edge Corp.,
a producer of interactive digital content, where he continues to serve today as the company’s chief writer, editor, and creative director.

Dan was for several years a board member of Interactive Ontario, representing the province’s games, eLearning, mobile, web, and social media producers, and chaired IO’s eLearning Committee.

With the turn of the millennium Dan finally stopped trying to fight the voices in his head and embraced a conversion to fiction.

His first novel, skyfisher, published by Blue Butterfly Books debuted as an Apple iBookstore exclusive – the first Canadian title to achieve this feat – prior to its general availability.

Flam Grub, his second book, came out in June 2011.

Away from the keyboard, Dan enjoys chasing balls, pucks, and flying discs. He is also learning to fly airplanes and lay stones.


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