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Reflections in the Parabolic Mirror

When I was researching religions for skyfisher, one of the most intriguing concepts I came across was in the Zen Buddhist koans, where they occasionally described how certain persons received enlightenment in one crystalline flash of ultimate realization, known as … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Bullies Kick Sand In Your Faith

Excluding the fact that some faiths (I’m not mentioning names here because I don’t want to get killed) take themselves so seriously you wouldn’t dare ridicule them in public, one possible measure of whether a religion has hit the mainstream … Continue reading

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Phasmatian Indignation

I want you all to know I have nothing against the Phasmatian religion. If you read their Sacred Text, you’ll see that it is an inspiring credo that would go a long way towards bettering  both the individual, and the … Continue reading

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